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A company with Biblical beliefs and values

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Welcome to Island Computer Services!

A company with Biblical beliefs and values

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We do not recommend upgrading to Windows 10 at this time. There are privacy issues yet to be understood and driver issues as well. If you want more information please call us and we will discuss what will be best for you.


To prevent Microsoft from automatically upgrading your PC to windows use the free programs GWX Control Panel or Never 10.  Use these programs at your own risk. We are not affiliated with the creators of these programs and are offering them as a service to prevent your PC from being upgraded against your wishes.

Our Services 

We provide a full range of computer services including repairs, and upgrades, help with new PC purchases, software training, and consulting services.  We also provide on-site service to your home or business to fix problems or set up computers and printers, as well as remote assistance and repairs 

Call about our low cost annual cleanup and tune-up service for each PC.


Remote Assistance

Many services can be performed and problems can be solved by our remote assistance service. This can be scheduled faster, cost less, and save you time.

Please call us first to arrange a time suitable for you.

Remote Assistance Link #1

Remote Assistance Link #2

Repairs, Upgrades, and Virus Cleanups

Call today to schedule an appointment. We come to you or you can bring it to us to save even more.

Most repairs are done in a day or less and our rates are among the lowest around.


Essential Products

You should have antivirus software, spyware software, firewall software, UPS power protection, and a synchronized backup system installed on each of your PC's to insure safety, security, and reliability.  Remember all software must be updated in order to be effective.

We will also set each of these up on your PC for you - just call us for an appointment.


Antivirus Products

Bit Defender Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus


Contact Information

Call us for service: 813-909-1463

Sunday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Closed on Shabbat